Manufacture of hydraulic cylinders for civil engineering works

SSVH provides its expertise to large-scale projects, to supply them with hydraulic equipment that will enable them to carry out, efficiently and safely, operations requiring significant forces such as:

  • Beam adjustment and alignment.
  • Bridge apron or tunnel component lifting and shifting.
  • Lifting and shifting of concrete beams, panels, etc.
  • Arch stone strapping.
  • Bridge support relaxation or replacement.
  • Pre-stress bar tensioning.
  • etc.


Some examples of SSVH equipment in use on major projects all over the world:

New coastal highway – 5400m Offshore Viaduct – Reunion Island

Beam adjustment – Pier head cylinder support: use of 2200T specific cylinders with safety nut and tilting head. Supply via hydraulic system and offset control panel

Rennes Metro – VSP pier-mounted calibration

Use of 720T specific cylinders with safety nut and tilting head

Positioning device for concrete panels powered by a hand pump and a manual dispensing assembly.

Segment shifting of a bridge deck with double-acting thrust cylinders.

Adjustment of the platform alignment on a viaduct in Panama using 85T hollow cylinders.

Lifting and shifting of a concrete box.

Hydraulic lifting and shifting unit for the installation of concrete beam, weighting more than 1000 tons. 32 single-acting hydraulic cylinders with return spring and safety nut for lifting and two double-acting lifting cylinders. Power supply by hydraulic power plant with equal separate flows.

Lifting and positioning of 165 ton concrete beams during the construction of the Assiut Dam in Egypt using double-acting 500 ton 500mm stroke cylinders fed by a central unit with two separate equal flow rates ensuring the synchronization of the cylinders