Handling equipment

SSVH equipment is particularly suitable for heavy package handling operations with synchronised lifting solutions, stage-lift cylinders with “stack” alignment, high-tonnage cylinders with load securing using safety nut or balancing valve.

Some examples of handling operations:

Package translation by shifting (skidding) using 30T double-acting cylinders, stroke 900mm, supplied by a diesel engine hydraulic system.

hydraulic lifting cylinder, hydraulic lifting leg

Lifting and transport chassis mounted on 4 retractable hydraulic legs, for preparing the package, loading/unloading it on/off a truck with no other lifting equipment.

double-acting handling cylinder manufacturer

200T double-acting cylinder, thrust and traction, position sensors included for load stabilization under a lifter. Supplied by hydraulic system with 2 equal separate flow rates, managed by a remote control.

synchronous lifting system, hydraulilc cylinder for synchronous lifting

Synchronous lifting system with 4 150T double-acting cylinders, supplied by hydraulic system with 4 equal separate flows.

Double-acting cylinder synchronous lifting system

Transformer synchronous lifting using a set of 4 75T double-acting cylinders, supplied by hydraulic system with 4 equal separate flows.

hydraulic cylinder train lifting

Regional train half-set lifting and shifting:

  • Lifting carried out by 10 light alloy single-acting cylinders, thrust 25T stroke 350mm, with safety nut.
  • Shifting performed using 5 double-acting cylinders, stroke 1000mm, mounted on clamps with hydraulic flanging tools.

Assembly supplied by hydraulic system with 10 equal separate flow rates of 700 bar for lifting and 5 equal separate flow rates for shifting.