Custom hydraulic presses

On an SSVH press, you can configure pretty much everything. Force, stroke, size, control… send us your specifications and we will define your equipment together.

Some examples of custom presses:

hydraulic press, specific press manufacturer

Sliding table 50-tonne specific hydraulic press:

  • 50-tonne cylinder stroke 600mm
  • Movement and pressure sensor
  • Digital displays and stop threshold management
  • Height-adjustable cylinder casing

Sector of activity: railway maintenance

hydraulic press fixed table

Fixed table 400T hydraulic press

  • Mechanically welded frame
  • 400T cylinder stroke 800mm.

Sector of activity: industrial boilers

hydraulic press, test bench for hoists

1500T single-piece hydraulic press:

  • Forged single-piece body
  • 1500T cylinder, stroke 200mm, integrated in press body

Sector of activity: research

Hydraulic test bench for hoists:

  • 15T test capacity
  • Dynamic test stroke 250mm
  • Proportional pressure limiter

Sector of activity: equipment testing

specific hydraulic press sliding table

Sliding table 50T hydraulic press:

  • 50T double-acting cylinder stroke 370mm
  • Hydraulic system with electric control
  • 1000 bar pressure sensor
  • PC-based acquisition system ensuring operation traceability

Sector of activity: Rail transport