Hydraulic chucking

Extensile fastening ensures quality and precision. However, the characteristics of fastened couplings are very diverse, space may be restricted and accessibility difficult, requiring us to envisage “custom” solutions for many applications.

We essentially manufacture two types of hydraulic chucking:

  • Tensioning cylinders (single-acting and double-acting)
  • Hydraulic nuts

Examples of hydraulic chucking:

Custom hydraulic chucking

Double-acting tensioning cylinders

  • M68x4 threaded cylinder
  • Force 758kN at 1191 bar
  • Magnetised bearing skirt to facilitate operation in any position
  • Orientable ½ couplers
simple acting tensioning cylinder

M80x6 single-acting tensioning cylinder

  • Force 2846kN at 1500 bar
  • Detachable bearing skirt
  • Spherical thrust washer
single acting tensioning cylinder

M56x4 single-acting tensioning cylinder

  • Force 1509kN at 1500 bar
  • Raised detachable skirt
hydraulic cylinder chucking

M45x4.5 single-acting tensioning cylinder

  • M45x4.5 threaded piston
  • Force 500kN at 670 bar
  • Spherical bearing between skirt and cylinder
  • Hexagonal manoeuvring nut
hydraulic nut chucking

M76x4 hydraulic nut

  • M76x4 threaded cylinder
  • Force 3463kN at 1400 bar
  • Manoeuvring holes
hydraulic nut, chucking manufacturer

360 TR5 hydraulic nut

  • 360TR5 threaded cylinder
  • Force 3129kN at 700 bar
  • Stroke 30mm