Hydraulic cylinder for power generation

SSVH equipment is used extensively for maintenance operations in the wide-ranging power generation sector and in particular in nuclear and hydroelectric power plants such as for example:

  • Various types of tensioning cylinders and tensioning cylinder rings
  • Compact lifting cylinders (lifting / aligning AC generators, etc.)
  • 1500-bar, 2000-bar, 3000-bar, etc. hydraulic units
  • Flange spreaders.
  • etc.

Examples of hydraulic equipment for power generation projects:

Nuclear power plants – Use of an hydraulic flange spreader for disassembling a lid and pipework

Hydroelectric power plants – Lifting and alignment of an AC generator stator with 4 x 75-tonne cylinders with built-in pump each with safety nut

hydraulic system braking cylinder

Hydroelectric power plants – combined lifting and braking cylinders 

tensioning cylinder nuclear power plant

Nuclear power plants – 40 tensioning cylinders in crown used for the opening / closing of exchangers.