Modification and upgrading of your equipment

Product upgrades

During the appraisal conducted in the “servicing” or “repair” phases, the technician may request the in-house engineering department for assistance in conducting a more detailed appraisal and determining the causes of malfunctions and/or damage.

As such, we may offer the customer product upgrades such as:

  • Modifications of sealing and guiding principles.
  • Additions of seals.
  • Change of design of some components.
  • Amendment of hydraulic diagrams.
  • etc.

Product modifications

On request, we can also study the possibility of modifying an existing item of equipment so as to adapt it to the operation to which it is to be assigned.

sealing cylinder modification

Modification of sealing mode on an existing cylinder.

hydraulic diagram amendment

Amendment of the hydraulic diagram of an existing system: addition of electrically controlled distribution manifold

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