Hydraulic cylinder manufacture and repairs for the railway sector

Working together with its customers, SSVH designs and manufactures specific tools, special machines, to carry out certain maintenance operations in the railway sector such as:

  • Axle bearing alignment and offset.
  • Lifting axles for wheel profile inspection.
  • Disassembly and reassembly of shafts, connecting rods, flanges, etc.
  • Synchronised lifting of carriages, motor coaches or even complete sets.
  • Wheel pulling and fitting.
  • etc.

Some samples of hydraulic tools produced for our main clients in the railway industry:

Axle lifting assembly used for axle inspection, composed of two lifting rods, stroke 900mm, supplied by an hydraulic system with two equal separate flow rates, ensuring synchronisation between the two cylinders.

Replacement of the two hydraulic cylinders of a train wheel alignment press. Double-acting cylinders, thrust 150T stroke 620mm, with anti-rotation device.

hydraulic press railways sector

Specific 60-tonne hydraulic press for train axle bearings dismounting.

axle bearings alignment hydraulic tool

Train axle bearings alignment hydraulic tooling based on a 60-tonne double hollow effect cylinderinstrumented with recording of the rigging curves.

mobile hydraulic press railways industry

Hydraulic mobile press on lifting table allowing primary suspension spring compression to ensure assembly and disassembly.

hydraulic lifting candles railways sector

20-tonne lifting candles, stroke 350mm, supplied by a hand pump, mounted on a sole with retractable balls.

hydraulic press train axle bearings

Combined hydraulic press for setting and shifting train axle bearings. Moving rail assembly driven by an electric motor and height adjustable via a hydraulic cylinder. Traceability of the setting operation.

lifting column train industry

Light alloy lifting column with 20-tonne single acting cylinders, stroke 220mm, with safety nut, supplied by a battery powered hydraulic unit.

mobile hydraulic press railways sector

Specific mobile hydraulic press for setting train axle bearings with traceability device (pressure and moving sensors, data acquisition and recording)

hydraulic lifting device train industry

Axle lifting device consisting of a 20-tonne cylinder supplied by a hydropneumatic pump. Mounted on a sole with retractable balls for easy positioning.