Hydraulic equipment for geotechnics

In the geotechnics sector, SSVH hydraulic equipment can be adapted to the types of tests to be carried out:

  • Pulling tests on micropiles.
  • Acrobatic work, tests in cliff areas, etc.
  • Plate tests.
  • Tests on foundation piles: static load, dynamic load.
  • Tests on test specimens.
  • Measured data recording and traceability.

Some tests in progress:

Tensile tests on micropiles in cliff area with a light alloy hollow cylinder and a hand pump

double acting hydraulic cylinder for geotechnics

1000T double-acting cylinder, stroke 200mm, with tilting head used for testing underground gallery strength. Supply via hydraulic system providing automatic pressure cycles

Anchor pile test in Dunkerque harbour. Two 1000T hydraulic cylinders supplied by an instrumented hydraulic system.

hollow cylinder anchor test

Anchor test in mountain environment with a 60T hollow cylinder supplied by a 700bar battery system.

double acting hydraulic cylinder geotechnics manufacturer

Tests on anchor pile with 1500T double-acting cylinder supplied by an electric system enabling:

  • Automatic pressure rise and fall cycle control
  • Sensor information display
  • Data recording