Hydraulic equipment inspections are performed:

  • In a regulatory context whereby all lifting equipment and accessories must be verified according to the decree of 1st March 2004 which notably sets forth the terms and frequencies of periodic general verifications.
  • In the context of quality and prevention objectives, in order to:
    • Ensure that the equipment is in perfect working order prior to use.
    • Provide an equipment stock manager with an overview of the status of his/her stock.

These inspections consist of a detailed visual inspection conducted by a specialist and completed by a test, the terms of which are defined either by regulations, or by the original equipment manufacturer, or by the requesting party.

Safety devices (pressure limiters, safety valves, balancing valves, etc.) are verified and, as required, calibrated to ensure the operating safety of the equipment.

A test or inspection certificate is issued following completion and equipment is identified to ensure operation traceability.

If an error is observed, an appraisal is conducted free of charge and a detailed reconditioning and/or replacement quotation is prepared. In any case, the work shall only carried out following acceptance of the quotation.

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