Custom hydraulic systems

Whether using a standard pump or a specific pump unit, we adapt the hydraulic distribution and control of our systems to customer needs. From manual control to fully automated management, from digital pressure display to operation traceability, we are at your service to define the ideal equipment.

Specific hydraulic system examples :

specific hydraulic system

700-bar hydraulic system with electric motor and distribution. Electrical control box with industrial automatic control system and touch screen making it possible to view variations in cylinder pressure and position, as well as configure different operating modes: pressure maintenance, pressure or displacement upward and downward gradient, cycle sequence, etc. The data is saved on a USB drive.

hydraulic system design

Semi-automatic hydraulic system for hydraulic wrench supply :

  • Digital display for adjusting clamping pressure.
  • Suspended portable control box for hydraulic wrench control.
hydraulic system for lifting applications

700-bar hydraulic system for various lifting applications:

  • Electric motor.
  • Distribution manifold comprising: 4 three-way manual control valves for selecting the cylinders to be actuated and 1 vacuum / pressurisation control valve.
  • 1 general braking valve.
  • Tubular protective chassis with wheels and handles.
synchronised lifting hydraulic system

700-bar hydraulic system with 4 equal separate flow rates for synchronised lifting:

  • petrol-fuelled combustion engine.
  • Manual distribution.
  • Tubular protective chassis with wheels and handles.
high pressure hydraulic system

Very high-pressure hydraulic system, fully cowled, with:

  • 3 separable 3000-bar outputs
  • a “low-pressure” output with a 90 L/min flow rate, adjustable.
specific hydraulic system 700 bar

700-bar hydraulic system with pressure control box

  • maintenance
  • regulation
  • gradient generation
hydraulic system separate flow rates

Hydraulic system with two equal separate flow rates :

  • pressure regulation on two independent separate channels.
  • PC link for channel configuration and recording of values.