PN.9 hydropneumatic systems


Description of the PN.9 hydropneumatic system 

Compact and lightweight, the hydropneumatic systems in the PN.9 range operate based on an air-oil pressure multiplier. Equipped with a lubricating regulating filter, they can be connected directly to a compressed air system. As they are suitable for very high working pressures, these systems are widely used for oil injection during coupling assembly and disassembly.


Specifications of the PN.9 hydraulic system

• Air-oil pressure multiplier

• Working pressures 1500 to 4000 B

• Optimum air flow rate: 780 l/min (for Pair 7 B)

• Oil flow rate at 4000 bar: 0.19 l/min (for P air 7 B)

• Lubricating regulating filter on air intake

• Adjustable external air pressure limiter

• Effective tank capacity 8 litres

• Pressure gauge

• Tubular protective and handling chassis