2-speed – Standard double-acting pump (BHR)



Description of the BHR hand pump double-acting 

Designed for the supply of double-acting cylinders, the hand pumps in the BHR range are equipped with automatic dual-flow rate injection pumps enabling instantaneous transition from the fast approach speed to the working speed. Each pump has a 4/3 indexed manual control valve, an adjustable internal pressure limiter, and a connector for a pressure gauge.

Specifications of the 2 speed double-acting BHR hand pump

• Working pressure 700 to 1000 bar

• Effective oil tank capacity 1 to 60 litres

• Single-piece light alloy body

• Automatic dual-flow rate pump with internal pressure limiter

• 4/3 indexed manual control valve flanged on pump

• Detachable pumping lever, lockable in low position

• Lever high position return spring

• Pressure gauge connector

• Stabilisation lug