Automatic dual-speed combustion engine hydraulic system – 1.6 kW – 700 bar (THB.13)


Description of the hydraulic system THB.13

Lightweight, compact and autonomous, THB.13 hydraulic systems are powered by a petrol-fuelled combustion engine. As such, they are perfect for mobile applications, on worksites or in the field. The distribution can be adapted as needed.


Specifications of the combustion engine hydraulic system THB.13

• 1.6 kW petrol-fuelled 4-stroke combustion engine

• Starter ignition

• Pressure 700 bar in continuous operation

• Automatic dual-flow rate pumps:
– 5.3L/min in approach mode up to 100 bar
– 0.6L/min in operation up to 700 bar

• Effective oil tank capacity 10 litres

• Adjustable external pressure limiter

• Pressure gauge

• Tubular protective and handling chassis

• 3/8 NPT outlet oil connector